A fine ship needs fine crew

Combining decades of experience in making voyagers’ adventures truly memorable. Our multi-skilled, hand-picked team look forward to welcoming you on board Tenacious for the trip of your lifetime.



Will Morris

Born in Plymouth, England, Will grew up on Salcombe Harbour, South Devon fishing and sailing on his dad’s boats with his older brother. His father was a charter boat captain, so sailing and the sea are in his blood.

After school, he worked in a small boat yard for a while before leaving England. He took various trips up and down the East Coast and around the Bahamas with his Dad, before deciding the life of a salty sea dog suited him well. He joined Tenacious in 2010.

He enjoys most water sports, especially wakeboarding and spear fishing.
He recently completed a world circumnavigation on a 56ft Oyster.



Tyler Anthony

Born in Canada, Tyler was raised on a sailboat cruising the Caribbean. He is very close to his parents and his younger brother. Growing up on a boat, he learned to sail at a young age and has always lived around boats and on the water.

After realising University wasn’t for him, he travelled to the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Galapagos, Tahiti, Fiji, Borneo, Philippines and Hong Kong.

He enjoys diving, kite surfing, spear fishing, wakeboarding, tennis, biking, working out and keeping fit.



Juan-Ree Bosman

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Jean grew up around the ocean, watching the local sailing races. One day he decided to ask if he could join in and since then he has enjoyed sailing. Water activities came naturally to him, his favourite being diving. He is a Rescue Diver. He studied Business Management at school.

He has travelled around South America and North America. He has had some great experiences, ranging from swimming with dolphins and whales to sailing in some heavy storms off of Cape Town.

He enjoys soccer, tennis and rugby, listening to house music and reading any kind of book by Richard Branson.



Mark Miller

Born and raised in Pensacola Beach, FL, Mark has an extremely close bond with his family. Mark inherited his passion for cooking from his father who has been in the culinary field for the past 24 years. He inspired him and led him towards greater creativity and encouraged his career on Superyachts.

In earlier years, Mark shadowed many chefs, in multiple different restaurants, learning their different practices and techniques. After acquiring all of these methods and knowledge, Mark has mastered the art of many various cuisines and he loves to showcase to our guests in combination with some of our themed evenings onboard. In his spare time he reads books, magazines, and watches numerous videos…anything that could spark new creative ideas.

He also enjoys surfing, wakeboarding, diving, soccer and baseball.


Chief Stewardess

Aoife Brennan

Aoife grew up in Dublin, Ireland. She is close to her extended family both in Ireland and America.

She spent her summers during College lifeguarding at Summer Camp in Maryland. She spent some time as a Nanny in Boston after studying Music and Human Development in College. After getting her Masters in Education she was offered the unique opportunity to teach privately on a 50m yacht. After a year travelling the Pacific, she decided that yachting was the right path for her.

She likes outdoor activities such as swimming, walking and tennis. She plays the piano and the harp. She also enjoys reading, traveling and listening to music.


Deck Hand/Steward

Jean Freyson

Born in Cape-Town, South Africa, Jean completed a degree in Marketing Management. Soon after, he travelled to England for two years, working on farms and doing maintenance work.

He returned to South Africa, where his love for travel saw him off again, to the United States. He worked at various country clubs and lodges. After a year he returned home again to further his career in hospitality, working as a consultant and wine sommelier for various restaurants in Cape-Town. Having reached the position of Operations Manager, he still found he had an urge to travel. With his love for the ocean he joined Tenacious and never looked back.

He enjoys water sports, body boarding, cooking, wine tasting and movies.