A fine ship needs fine crew

Combining decades of experience in making voyagers’ adventures truly memorable. Our multi-skilled, hand-picked team look forward to welcoming you on board Tenacious for the trip of your lifetime.



Will Morris

Born in Plymouth, England, Will’s boating background started at a very young age growing up in Salcombe Harbour, South Devon.

Before moving abroad, Will worked in Devon restoring classic Salcombe Yawls. His Father was also a sailing yacht Captain for over thirty years.

Will first came to the Bahamas with his father in 2007. Will first joined Tenacious in 2010, as a Deckhand working up through the ranks. He left Tenacious in 2012 to sail around the world on another vessel. Once completing the circumnavigation in 2014, Will returned to Tenacious which was in the middle of an extensive refit.

He is a young, fun Captain and due to his nautical upbringing has more knowledge of sailing, sea, and weather than most. If you don’t find Will on the water, which is very rare, he will be riding his motor bike exploring new places!

Mark Boyd

First Mate

Mark Boyd

Mark was born in Dorthmund, Germany but grew up in a small town in Scotland. After serving as a British Royal Marine Commando Mark decided to begin his scuba diving career in Thailand in 2009. Mark has taught scuba diving all over the world in places like the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Australia, and more!

Mark is very passionate about marine life and loves to teach about the underwater world. Once you get him talking about fish, he wont stop! He is also an avid free diver and loves to go spearfishing.

In his recent years Mark has worked on various motor and sail yachts mostly based out of Caribbean waters.

In his spare time Mark enjoys world travel, singing and playing guitar, kiteboarding, golf, spicy food, and mixed martial arts.

Tim Robertson


Tim Robertson

Tim was born in Port Elizabeth who was later raised in Pretoria, South Africa. Straight out of school he started working for the logistics company DHL, to then be promoted as the corporate manager of South Africa for DHL.

Tim later decided that he wanted to see more of the world, before joining the yachting industry in 2013. In his journey he managed to visit countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States, and various countries in Europe.
Tim worked diligently onboard M/Y Serena, which spurred the desire to learn how to sail.

Tim is an avid sports fan. If you can’t find Tim on the water, he will surely be with his friends supporting a good game of English football. Tim also loves to wake board, waterski, and roller blade in his spare time!

Mark Miller


Mark Miller

Born and raised in Pensacola Beach, FL, Mark has an extremely close bond with his family. Mark inherited his passion for cooking from his father who has been in the culinary field for the past 24 years. He inspired him and led him towards greater creativity and encouraged his career on Superyachts.

In earlier years, Mark shadowed many chefs, in many different restaurants, learning their different practices and techniques. After acquiring all of these skills, Mark mastered the art of various cuisines and he loves to showcase this to our guests when we have our themed evenings onboard.

In his spare time, he reads books, magazines, and watches numerous cooking videos…anything that could spark new creative ideas. He also enjoys surfing, wake boarding, diving, soccer and baseball.

Frankie Mason

Chief Stewardess

Frankie Mason

Frankie grew up in Lymington, a small town on the South Coast of England. Her father had a variety of motor and sailing boats on which in the summer holidays she would spend most of the time fishing and racing around the Isle of Wight with her Dad.

Frankie has been in the hospitality industry for over ten years, working in a variety of restaurants, pubs and then as assistant manager in a Michelin Star restaurant in Beaulieu, England. She graduated from Bath University in 2013, with a Bachelors of Honors Degree in Business Management, but not wanting to conform to the 9-5 hours of a normal job, joined the yachting industry two weeks after her graduation to see the world, and hasn’t looked back.

Frankie started in the industry working on a 78-meter Motor Yacht in the Cote D’ Zur in the South of France. A year later she then become Chief Stewardess on a 45-meter Motor Yacht where she stayed almost three years.

In need of a change and always having a passion for Sailing, she then decided to join the Tenacious team in September 2016! If you don’t find her on the water, she will be in the Gym, at a music festival or considering which social event to go to next!

Michelle LeFrancois


Michelle LeFrancois

Born in Santa Monica, California Michelle has always enjoyed the outdoors. Growing up she spent her family vacations on the lake waterskiing and wake boarding. Michelle took her first sailing course while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara and had a blast.

Michelle began working and traveling in 2011 and was a school teacher in both Thailand and Japan. She continued her travels and landed her first boat job on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Since then she has worked as a scuba diving instructor in Fiji and on a range of yachts traveling in the Caribbean and up the East Coast of the United States.

When Michelle isn’t on the water, she loves mountain bike riding, beach volleyball, trail running, tasting new foods, and exploring new countries.